One Tool Project

Jaws Remake for People with Galeophobia Utilized the clone stamp tool. I Need Another Minute to Decide Utilized mixer brush on an Applebee’s menu. Utilized the patch tool. Original Photos:  

Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel was born in New York in 1978, and studied at the Oberlin Music conservatory. His work deals with technology, music, and the computer information age. Much of his work can also be seen as being linked to popular culture, with references to current events and technologies. He is also the youngest person to have a solo show at the Whitney, which was his his show Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools. I enjoy Arcangel’s pieces that deal with their sources with little separation between the creation process and the re-appropriation process. For example, Bomb Iraq takes an old computer program, but due to … Continue reading Cory Arcangel

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik was an artist who was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1932. He originally studied music and was exposed to the musical avant garde, but went on to explore more than music and participated in the Fluxus movement. His work quickly moved into the realm of video art, and his focus in much of his work involved communications, media, and electronic interconnectivity. Many consider him to be one of the founders of the video art movement. I like Nam June Paik, having had a chance to see some of his pieces at galleries in D.C. They are … Continue reading Nam June Paik

What is digital art?

In its simplest form, digital art, to me, is the creation of art involving computer programs. By utilizing computers in the creative process, art can move to new media and formats, and can transcend the traditional gallery experience and open new possibilities for exhibition. It can also move, utilize space, and otherwise push away from the traditional experience of the art experience by releasing artists from the restrictions of physical or analog media. In terms of where it is going, and what the future holds, I believe that there will be even more digital art appearing as each day goes by, not only … Continue reading What is digital art?