Final Project Process

Hours 1-2

After some serious frustration, I scrapped my original idea and decided to do something a little different. I drew a lot of inspiration from Hans Richter and Lydia Tomkiw while planning, and decided to draw on the idea of experimental film as an expressive extension of music. I plotted some themes and ideas I wanted to express, and then brainstormed the most effective ways to put them across. After asking myself “WWND?” (what would Negativland do), I decided to re-appropriate video.

Hour 3


I had to learn Final Cut since I never used it before. It was actually pretty intuitive!

Hours 4-5+++


I went through the film stuff they have. It took a bit┬álonger than 2 hours but it was worth it since I found way more usable stuff than I could fit in this project. My name is now permanently attached to the google search “fetal pig dissection” though, which is kind of weird.

Hours 6-12

Final Cut time. Snipping the clips, doing a few tiny color corrections and messing with them a bit (not too much though, I chose the clips very specifically for their aesthetic qualities). Transitions were what took the most time. Growing up I watched a lot of skateboarding videos, and I always liked the fact that they were edited really carefully to the music in the background. I really tried to do that in the same way that folks like Fischinger kept the tempo and mood of Liszt, except I used appropriated video instead of animation, and post-punk rather than Liszt.