Sabine Gruffat

Sabine Gruffat is a digital artist who is currently teaching at UNC at Chapel Hill. Some of her work focuses on interaction, while other pieces utilize animation, performance, photography etc.

Control Panel was one of my absolute favorite pieces that Gruffat created. It uses two Arduinos to create a video/sound synthesizer. This open source mentality is super cool, and reminds me a lot of folks like Cory Arcangel, but with a totally different approach and style. Also, it’s installed a children’s museum. More art needs to be in children’s museums.

A Return to The Return to Reason is another incredible piece. While its basis relies upon the Man Ray film that it references, it approaches the film scratching process using a laser cutter. When I started this class, I said that I wanted to see the interaction between digital and physical, and this is exactly what I was talking about.

Time Machine is a collaborative piece with Bill Brown. It combines narrative, synthesis, animation, and sound. I am all about this combination of approaches and would love to see this piece performed.