Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack is an animator and filmmaker who attended SAIC and teaches at Dartmouth currently. Her work tells stories, particularly of domestic spaces, and works frequently in 16 mm.

I was immediately drawn to Harlequin as it reminded me of Ettore Sottsass trying to make a structural film. The patterns and repetition form a really logical, cohesive theme, which is really great.

Two-Hundred Feet is another really excellent piece, and one that I have seen before. I remember really loving the painted beginning of the film when I first saw it, probably because I was getting really into Brakhage at the time. I still really enjoy this piece.

Persian Pickles is another fantastic piece. I love the use of paisley patterns as the basis and the variety and speed of transitions really works for me. It’s abstract but has a clear concept and narrative.

In general, I really loved all of these pieces, and spent a ton of time looking around the website. While I was familiar with some of her work previously, seeing more of it has cemented Jodie Mack as one of my favorites.