Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric is an Austrian-born artist whose work grapples with the notions of ownership, variation, and popular culture. He works in a variety of disciplines, creating videos, physical works, and websites.

His 2008 piece, The Lottery in Babylon is a website based work, found at http://www.thelotteryinbabylon.com/

When the viewer enters the website, they are faced with a large image made up of thousands of tiny grains of color. The title is a nod to a story by Jorge Luis Borges. There isn’t much about the piece online, but it appears to be almost randomly generated, which would explain the literary allusion.

Songs Translated to Buildings utilizes lyrics from songs (about houses) for building plans sent to an Indian architectural firm. This is the conceptualization for the house from Crosby, Nash, Stills & Young’s “Our House”. This is one of my favorites of his pieces.


Laric’s Lincoln 3D Scans are a series which the artist created in order to make The Usher Gallery’s collection of archaeologically discovered artworks accessible to all. This is a scan of Joseph Nollekens’ Venus Chiding Cupid. The nearly open-source mentality of art for the people is one of my favorite things about this project.