R. Luke DuBois

Roger Luke DuBois is an artist who works in the fields of performance and composition, as well as a variety of visual media. In music, he has collaborated with artists like Elliot Sharp and Bora Yoon. He is also a programmer focusing on the development of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter visual synthesis interface.

One of his recent pieces is Circus Sarasota, which played back generative “video portraits” of performers from the Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota. The audio on this video is really nice too, and was composed by DuBois.

Vertical Music is a video piece involving 12 musicians in which they were individually recorded and then played back at low speed, creating an overwhelming drone that spans 45 minutes (1/10 of original speed). I find this piece super inspiring, since a lot of my personal projects are focused on altering sound, working with granular synthesis etc.

The Bioluminescence project is another sound design piece which reworks Lesley Flanigan’s vocals to create a new, resampled piece.

When I listen to this, I’m reminded of a less harsh version of Harry Pussy’s farewell double LP, which took a single scream and stretched it out across four sides of vinyl through a computer program. DuBois’ stuff feels significantly easier to listen to, but I definitely see a parallel in terms of approach.