Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric is an Austrian-born artist whose work grapples with the notions of ownership, variation, and popular culture. He works in a variety of disciplines, creating videos, physical works, and websites. His 2008 piece, The Lottery in Babylon is a website based work, found at http://www.thelotteryinbabylon.com/ When the viewer enters the website, they are faced with a large image made up of thousands of tiny grains of color. The title is a nod to a story by Jorge Luis Borges. There isn’t much about the piece online, but it appears to be almost randomly generated, which would explain the literary allusion. Songs … Continue reading Oliver Laric

Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist is a filmmaker, video artist, and projection artist. She attended art school in Vienna, and in Basel, and has taught at UCLA. Her work is filled with feminist themes, human sexuality, and a careful (and sometime playful) use of color. Ever is Over All from 1997 is one of her most famous pieces. I saw it in a gallery at one point and quite enjoyed the sound (particularly of the glass), and the overall quirkiness of the piece. The playfulness of it is really interesting, particularly viewed in a gallery amongst other, more “serious” pieces. In some ways it … Continue reading Pipilotti Rist

Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist who received her MFA from RISD. She is extremely famous for her contributions to commentary based art which focuses on themes of power, individual identity, and public space. Holzer is incredibly significant in the art world for presenting text based art, and narrative based art, which goes against the general form in which pieces are presented. Her super famous Truisms have been presented in a number of ways, but I particularly enjoy her 1984 sign, which presents them in the form of a rolling LED sign, of the kind that they have in the windows … Continue reading Jenny Holzer

R. Luke DuBois

Roger Luke DuBois is an artist who works in the fields of performance and composition, as well as a variety of visual media. In music, he has collaborated with artists like Elliot Sharp and Bora Yoon. He is also a programmer focusing on the development of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter visual synthesis interface. One of his recent pieces is Circus Sarasota, which played back generative “video portraits” of performers from the Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota. The audio on this video is really nice too, and was composed by DuBois. Vertical Music is a video piece involving 12 musicians in which they … Continue reading R. Luke DuBois

Matt Siber

Matt Siber is an artist whose work deals with capitalism, consumerism, and American product-driven ideologies. He is well known for his photography editing which displaces well known logos in the air (which normally float over gas stations or stores) as if they are signs from “the heavens” This is from his BIllboard Vinyls series, which moves his billboard advertisements to a gallery space. In a way, this makes the viewer consider advertising as art, and the viewing process (in a gallery vs. in the “wild”). This piece Burger King, is really interesting in its perspective, in the way that the logos … Continue reading Matt Siber