Evan Roth

Evan Roth is a multidisciplinary artist/Bad Ass Mother Fucker currently living in Paris. His work is in a number of galleries such as MoMA and The Tate Gallery. Much of his work is also available online, fitting with his aesthetic as a digital artist/ public domain provocateur.

The first piece I saw by Roth that I really enjoyed was J. Dilla Memorial: The Legacy Lives On

This piece is a timer counting down how long it will be until J. Dilla’s music is in the public domain (70 Years after his death). SInce this work references another artist who utilized sampling and copyrighted work frequently in his music, I think that it can be interpreted as a commentary on the restrictiveness of copyright, as well as a celebration of one of the pioneers of sampling, whose art should be free to the public. This is part of Roth’s overall Public Domain Countdown concept.

Internet Cache Self Portrait Series

This piece is a print out of images collected from the web during day-to-day computer usage. I like that it aggregates everything, and forces the viewer to confront the images that are passively observed all the time while utilizing the internet.

Hypnotised By Puffy is hilarious, since it’s just Puff Daddy’s vocal contributions to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize”. It’s really short, which makes it really funny, but I’m a big fan of incorporating popular culture and rap music into art, which Roth does frequently. I also thought that Diddy only produced the track, I didn’t realize his vocals were on this cut at all, so it’s a pretty educational piece in that regard.