What is digital art?

In its simplest form, digital art, to me, is the creation of art involving computer programs. By utilizing computers in the creative process, art can move to new media and formats, and can transcend the traditional gallery experience and open new possibilities for exhibition. It can also move, utilize space, and otherwise push away from the traditional experience of the art experience by releasing artists from the restrictions of physical or analog media.

In terms of where it is going, and what the future holds, I believe that there will be even more digital art appearing as each day goes by, not only in terms of volume, but in terms of the number of different artists involved. This is for two reasons. The first is the cheap access to powerful computers that give almost anyone the ability to create using one.  The second is the power of internet connection, allowing a global art community to form without artists having to leave their hometown.

3 Pieces of digital art that I personally connect with:

fundament-vOlupté, Joseph Nechvatal


Joseph Nechvatal is super interesting, particularly in his bridging of reality and artificial intelligence. This work is acrylic on velvet, painted with a computer assisted robot. How the virtual effects the “real world” is fascinating.

Random Darkenet Shopper!Mediengruppe Bitnik


This piece is a program developed by the artist. It is a shopping bot. The bot is given an allowance and makes random purchases from the deep web. Again, this piece bridges the “real” with the virtual. I also like that this is kind of dangerous.

Super Dream, Christian Filardo


Christian is a great musician and a great friend, but more importantly his piece got me more interested in the idea of digital art. It’s a comic that can be opened in powerpoint to read and view animations of. It takes a lot of media that I am familiar with (comics, animation, powerpoint presentations), but does all of them differently than what I was used to. The interactivity by the user, plus the fact that it turns any computer into a gallery is really great.